Updates All Around!

Good Evening All,

The text of “Trusted Thomas” (I’ve never been called that) appearing on your screen here. I’m thinking to keep this one brief and easy to parse via bullet points. Let’s do this:

ME.mory updates:

-Since the last post the number of units running the iPhone version of ME.mory has shot up 30% compared to the week prior. All of the stats were favorable. It’s such a pleasure to see the promising direction of ME.mory’s trajectory.

-Sources of funding are an issue for nearly all burgeoning ideas, including mobile apps. I am slated to be speaking tomorrow morning with a potential source of funding for ME.mory. If such goes well and in a way that I am permitted to share about it, expect such news in the next update.


Book Updates:

-ONLY TEN PAGES! Those are all that remain for me to review for corrections in Part Two. Once done that, I will make all of the corrections I’d noted just now. A large focus has been on reducing the page count of the book overall, and so editing has been focused still on pith, taking away all that distracts from the salience provided by a greater focus on less.

-A few folks have been providing me with feedback for Part One of the book. Given how Part One is currently over 150 pages, it is reasonable for them to take time to get back to me. Perhaps by the next post here I will have an update on the “feedback side of things”.


Other Updates:

-Boxing continues to go well. Complexity continues to be added, having to bob and weave while throwing punches, also while keeping track of footwork while focusing on how one’s body is facing so as to limit target area. I’m simultaneously feeling more confident if someone were to try to throw a punch at me, while also feeling challenged to keep track of all that I have been learning.

-“Drops” for learning Spanish continues to proceed nicely. Some of the latest words are “cuento” (“I count”) and “pienso” (“I think”). The fan of cognates that I am, and think we all should be, notices how “pienso” may relate to terms such as “pensive”.


OK. That’s it for today. Cheers!