The Calm Before Further Developments…?

Hello Everyone,

Thomas here! Welcome to today’s post. I hope all has been good for you lately.

As I wrote about this in the previous entry – The publisher search for my memoir continues! Another has indicated interest, and so the decision to self-publish or not is on hold. This decision may remain on hold until circumstances permit its publication. For now, I will wait to note more until further developments.

These last two weeks here at Team ME.mory have seen us meeting with potential institutional partners, as they are curious to explore newer technologies in their approach to patient care while also curious about how ME.mory currently stands to benefit from financial support.

As such, there may be ME.mory developments to share between now and the next update. Personally, there has been much movement related to trips outside of Philadelphia and to the directions my own life may be moving in. Simply, I do not know what will be next for me.

I can be OK with that. Truly, the unexpected exists. My post-injury life is living proof of such. For now, I feel as if I am in the middle of the calm before changes will manifest.

Until next time!