Tangible Targets

Hello World!

Thomas typing to you here, with an update on specific targets we have in mind now for ME.mory. Let’s get right into it.

Throughout February our team has focused on rebuilding the application from the ground up in preparation for launching with subscription features. Improving security even further while implementing both basic and newer features had maintained our attention.

The upcoming version of ME.mory has both registration and logging in completed, as well as creating of new memories with automatic location-grabbing.

The Settings page has various user options and optimizations in place. We intend to give users the option of how they wish to filter their search as well as their search results. 

We have implemented Keywords properly such that they allow for categorized searching. For example, all memories related to your family can have the keyword “Family”. If so, then when “Family” is searched you will be presented with all memories related to your family.

What’s next?: For the remainder of this month we intend to focus on basic search statistics and further refining search options, thus allowing our users to have more control over how they search and the results that are most important to them.

While some features will not yet be included, we do intend to improve the responsiveness of the application and implement more functions towards further preparation for paid subscriptions.

Searching by location is expected to appear by Summer.

Alright, that’s all he wrote. Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out with your feedback and comments. Take care.

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