Spring Is Starting to Sizzle

Happy Wednesday Everyone,

Thomas here! Glad to connect with all y’all on this sunny day here in Philly.

Spring is shaping up to be a busy season for us, our likely showing up to a variety of events, my finishing my memoir, and appearing in various media outlets.

Event-wise, Nick, other team members and I will be at Temple University’s VentureFest tomorrow in the Howard Gittis Student Center (HGSC), Room 200. The event runs from 4-6PM. Come on by if you can!

Details: https://events.temple.edu/venturefest

Media-wise, I am surprised to see I may not have noted here about the “Outcomes Rocket” podcast interview of me by Saul Marquez. Please give it a listen, as we discuss thoroughly the social value of digital memory use for everyone:

Also, expect a rare podcast interview of me to appear in the near future. I write “rare” given the subject matter. I do not wish to give too much away so as not to ruin the surprise factor. I’ll share that it focuses on sexuality and disability. Stay tuned!

Memoir-wise, I expect before the next post to have completed noting all edits to the physical copy. My process has been to note edits to a physical copy which I then input into a digital copy. Such allows me to work on it either while at a computer screen or if I am away (say at an event, outside or simply when I need a break from screens, something we all need at times). I will likely not be done inputting all of the edits to the digital copy then, but maybe that can be a goal for the end of this month? Hmmmmm.

Honestly, there are just so many steps in editing, such as deciding which titles of articles and/or media outlets should be capitalized, italicized, quoted… Phew. It takes up so much time yet consistency matters and will pay off in light of a neater finished book.

OK. That’s all he wrote. Please enjoy yourselves and this seasonable weather. Cheers!

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