Professional ($10,000!) & Personal (South Korea!) Victories

Good Afternoon All!

Thomas here. I am so excited to share with you the latest news.

Professionally – Yesterday, we pitched ME.mory at the “Be Your Own Boss Bowl” (BYOBB) held at Temple University:

We were one of four finalists in the “Social Impact Track” of the competition. It is my pleasure to inform you that we were awarded $10,000!

Nicodemus and I could not have done this on our own. Our BYOBB mentor, John Tooher (pictured above, of HeadRoom [link:]), guided us for our slide preparation and pitch prep. While I had presented, Nicodemus was present to also represent us and to answer questions I would have been unable to answer, given his technical expertise.

As a result of our involvement in BYOBB, we will now also be receiving extensive guidance to help ME.mory move forward.

As evidenced, we continue to push forward with ME.mory. Expect exciting progress in the coming months!


Personally – I will be back in South Korea next week. This will be a heartfelt trip for me, as I will be meeting with former students and will be visiting the middle school where I was a teacher one decade ago. I will meet with friends not seen since 2007-2008. I will walk by my old apartment.

This time I will be joined by my partner. This is her first time in Asia, and I am excited to share with her aspects of my experience which can only be shared while there. She has been picking up Korean, and I look forward to her having genuine opportunities to practice with others.

Memoir progress continues, although it has understandably paused given my life’s recent excitements. I hope that your own life has been exciting, and that ME.mory has helped you to live your life more fully.


Take care!