Philly Who? – “Thomas Dixon: The Man with External Memory”

Hello Everybody!

Thomas here! It’s great to be with you for a fresh post. How’ve you been?

Since our last post, Kevin Chemidlin of “Philly Who?” has posted this interview he had with me one week ago:

I hope you’ll give it a listen! Kevin starts by admitting that he didn’t know how our interview would go, given my use of ME.mory. It then moves into my initial experiences post-injury, the way we discuss memory and a few of the various types of memory, how quickly I moved to digital memory tools, how my entries have changed from the beginning up to now, how Twitter was not made to be a digital memory mobile application and so why ME.mory needed to be created – all of that within the first ten minutes of the interview.

If you do listen and have comments, then you may email me:

I’ll be glad to pass along your comments to Kevin if you so wish.


Moving right along, tomorrow may be the start of something big. It’s on my schedule to speak extensively with the folks I noted on in the entry here from July 12th. This chat may delve deeper into the memoir I intend to publish and also into the potential for a movie on my story and on ME.mory.


For now, this entry can come to a close. Thank you for reading and please do reach out if you wish to share your thoughts on this blog or on how ME.mory is working for you.