Going out with a Bang! – We Were Awarded Office Space, Memoir Updates, New Advisor, Dublin for NYE 2019!

Hello Everyone!

How have you been? It’s Thomas here with a fresh update! 🙂

There are a variety of updates to share since the last post:

1) I am quite excited to share that we were awarded free office space at Cambridge Innovation Center in their Philadelphia location (https://cic.com/philadelphia) as part of a video submission competition I had entered, my describing for them how we intended to make use of their space. We were awarded free use of space from the first of January up to mid-April. Perhaps I will be able to share more next month.

2) I have received proofing copies of my memoir. My edits now are currently focused on making my book “punchier”, with a focus on creating the most excitement and pleasure for the reader. Although I am making progress throughout each day, essentially whenever time permits, I may be unable to finish making this round of edits by the end of this year. If so, then I already have a goal for the new year.

3) We have a new advisor for our team. I will share more on him as I am able to.

In closing, this post may well be my last post of 2018. In two weeks I will be preparing to leave for Ireland to celebrate my annual NYE trip to a new country each year. In Googling “royalty free Ireland” and looking over images I found this one:

While the sheep may be eager to meet me, I may not run across them while there. I will certainly try to take a photo if so!

Someone I do intend to meet if possible is Tomás Ryan. As a reminder, he mentioned ME.mory and myself on the TEDMED stage in his talk (https://www.tedmed.com/talks/show?id=624548). He is currently an assistant professor at Trinity College Dublin, and so it would be quite a pleasure to meet him face-to-face. We have emailed recently, so let’s see what we can do.

Please do enjoy the rest of your year. See you in 2019!