ME.mory v. Evernote – FIGHT! MORTAL KOMBAT!!

Hi Friends!

Tom here. I hope you enjoyed the title for this post.

A question I hear often: “How is ME.mory different from Evernote?”

I just answered that question again today, and so I thought to note what I had said here.

ME.mory or Evernote, they have different intentions and different uses as a result. To clarify some of what those are, I have just typed up the list below. (NOTE: I do not personally use Evernote, so feel free to enlighten me if it does do any of what I note below. I do believe major differences exist
between it and ME.mory):

-ME.mory is intended as an artificial/digital memory. Evernote is designed for to-do lists and project management. ME.mory is designed with medical uses in mind, such that we seek to partner with medical institutions in addition to enabling others with artificial memories.

-ME.mory generates graphs and charts on command based on the terms searched, such that users see rapidly across time how their lives may be changing. I think this is an especially powerful side of ME.mory that I have not seen in other applications, the visual representations of data which make it easier for users to understand their own lives.

-ME.mory will be developed to allow for search by location by typing in an address and seeing the entries around that address, the same way I would search for a restaurant perhaps. While pins are fine, and ME.mory does have such currently, I am now approaching 37k entries. I would like to be able to pull up in a straightforward way, noting from most-recent to least-recent, the entries made both at and near a particular location. Not only that, I would like statistical information such as when I tend to make the entries around that area, what are the most common terms I note about there, and answers to other potential questions.

-ME.mory’s statistics include “first mention, last mention, total number of mentions, times of day mentioned (0:00-5:59, 6:00-11:59, 12:00-17:59, and 18:00-23:59 (as hours across a day)), and the location where the specified term is mentioned the most often”


OK. Moving on!

-Book update: Life happened, and so I have not yet finished reviewing the edited manuscript for my memoir. However, I did make substantial progress, going from one-hundred pages remaining two weeks ago to now thirty pages remaining. I do still believe that I may should have a manuscript I am willing to send along to publishers by the end of March. Stay tuned.

-Fun: I got to see Black Panther, and it was awesome! I’m glad for how such a film may open the doors for further diversity and inclusion in what I believe has become a stale genre (i.e. the modern superhero movie).

When is it time for a superhero with a disability? 🙂

Until next time!