Medical Partnerships, Philly Geek Awards!, TEDMED, Book Updates

Thomas here. It’s a pleasure to share with you a fresh topic along with a number of updates.

1. Fresh topic: We met with a major potential medical partner!

A week ago we met with members of a huge medical institution in the area at their offices, and they appear excited to work with us. We are likely to have another meeting soon. The next step is for us to consider just how ME.mory may fit into their core products, and so reviewing their online information for such, including their details on the patient populations they serve.

2. Updates:

1) Book draft – What’s the latest news? What’s expected next?

Edits for the entire rough draft have been entered, and the pages have been turned into PDF files to more easily/quickly scroll through them all. This book has 275 pages currently of “stuff” in it. I am now at page 45 in reviewing just what is in the book.

How this process works… I’m noting in a spreadsheet these four items: Page #, Dates noted, Topics covered, and what to do with/for this page.

As noted before, this process may quickly allow me to learn the “big picture” of just what my book has in it. While a lot of work remains to be done, perhaps over half of the work for the entire book (from start to finish) has been completed? It certainly feels like it. I hope so.

Any and all advice on this front would be appreciated.

2) Philly Geek Awards – What’s next?

Your nominations for ME.mory paid off! We are now one of the three finalists for “Dev Project of the Year”. THANK YOU ALL! 🙂

Now it’s time for us to get tuxedos as it’s a swanky affair. See you there on August 26th if you, too, like to get your geek on. 😉

3) The TEDMED talk mentioning ME.mory and myself should be available online between now and the next post here. Expect the link to be shared, and we wonder what the public reaction may be as a result.


Until next time, take care. Please do send us your feedback, and I’ll be glad to address your thoughts here. Cheers!