Major Changes and Other Updates (incl. South Korea photos!)

Welcome Everyone!

Thomas here. Wow. May is halfway-over, and this is my first post of the month. Such is for good reason though, as I had noted in the last entry that I would be out of the country. My time in Seoul was astonishing, and I will share more about it below.

We at ME.mory have been focused on major changes coming up. Expect a new website come next month. Also, the next beta phase at that time, which will include both bug fixes and new features.

Expect (drum roll, please) the Android version of ME.mory.

Also! One of my goals had been to complete inputting the second round of edits for my memoir prior to leaving for Seoul, and I managed to do just that. The page count was reduced to 250 pages from roughly 300 pages. Now, the search for a publisher, although I am likely to publish on my own as everywhere I look the signs are that publishing is a disrupted field these days. I think I will decide between now and the next update if I will self-publish or not.

Finally, looking back to Korea. Here is an assortment of photos to appease all of you!

-My friend Soojin and I recreated a photo for which we had posed together ten years ago:

-Lindsey and I visited the middle school where I was a teacher ten years ago, crashing into a class in the process.

-We visited my old apartment building, and I even got to snap this photo in front of my old apartment.

-Soongsil University was close to my old apartment, and it was there that I took evening classes in Korean. Lindsey and I met with two of my former students, and I am quite glad they brought along a copy of the yearbook such that I could see how they looked while they were my students, while also laughing about how I looked one decade ago.

OK. That’s it for today. Until next time!