All He Would Have Liked to Have Seen – Please Vote For ME.mory!!

Hello Everyone:

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Thomas here. A readily-smiling and truly caring individual involved in Team ME.mory has died since the last update. I deeply enjoyed knowing him and working with him on ME.mory. Our work will now continue in part for the memory of him and his efforts.

For that reason, all of these items are what likely would have pleased him to know:

Book draft – I am now halfway done inputting the edits for the book which covers the story behind my injury and the invention of ME.mory. Much work remains but perhaps by now the majority of the work has actually been done. To be past the halfway point, I feel as if I still have to climb down the mountain. Or, I could well be rather wrong and have not yet reached the top (publication?). Any comments from writers are welcome.

Birthday – Yesterday was my birthday, and there was quite the outpouring of affection from many people. It was quite welcome to be on the receiving end of that. As I am fond of novel experiences, tomorrow a group of friends and I will be throwing axes for my birthday celebration. You read that right! However, my lovely girlfriend did mark the day itself by treating for our Korean BBQ dinner. She remains sweeter than she needs to be.

Things *actually about ME.mory* –


  • Nicodemus (pictured here without his head) and I had tabled for ME.mory at “The 2017 Annual CIO Government Technology Conference”. We were pleased to answer questions, comment about, and receive feedback on ME.mory’s growth and progress.


  • ME.mory, Nicodemus and I were previously featured for roughly seven minutes (now just over a year ago) in “The Observed Life”, a documentary related to contemporary technology and our use of it. Link:

A film director and members of his team have approached me about creating a new piece, one potentially much longer while focused specifically on ME.mory. His team gave me permission to share the following: “We discussed my being the subject of a documentary, one focused on my story, the invention of ME.mory, and how great numbers of us are increasingly using modern technology for our memories. This director has worked with clients including Coca-Cola, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, TD Ameritrade, Jacob’s Creek, CNN, Hilton, and Tiffany & Company.”