It’s 2019! – What’s Next?

Hello Everyone!

Thomas typing to you here. How have you been?

We have handled a few site issues and so I am now able to write here the first post of 2019. Woohoo! ๐Ÿ™‚

At the end of last year I left for Ireland to celebrate NYE 2019. And it was quite the celebration. Without realizing it I had snuck into the main concert event with the headlining act!

What had happened was that although the event was “free”, people were supposed to get tickets beforehand and they had totally run out of tickets. Having to get tickets has never happened for me regarding these NYE shows. They are huge events intended for the public generally.

Yet I had only found out about this state of affairs after having arrived to Dublin. I knew I would not miss out on this show as it may well be the only time I will ever be in Ireland (although I wouldn’t mind returning as now I know what it is like there and I had enjoyed it).

So I was walking around the area, looking for spots where it would be easier to enter unnoticed. I spotted folks who seemed to be one of the music acts at one of the back areas and chatted it up well with them.

At one point I said to a musician: “OK. I’m going to walk in with you guys.”

His response?: “Well, it’s not our problem if you get caught.”

It shocked me how easily they were making it through Security. I was also passed through as I was with them.

Little did I know that he was Gavin James, the Headliner of the night!:

It seems that even Bono of U2 was in the audience that night. Wow…

As relates to ME.mory, I did meet up with Tomรกs Ryan at Trinity College Dublin! I have shared elsewhere how had mentioned me and ME.mory in his TEDMED talk:

He took me on a tour of the campus and showed me the famous Book of Kells, from roughly 800 AD:

What awesome experiences these were!

OK. Now it’s 2019. What’s in store?

Memoir edits have resumed. I am currently half-way through noting what I believe to be the final round of edits. To make this process easier I first will note all edits I care to make while reading through the book, THEN will make the edits. This approach feels better for me than noting and making them concurrently. Such also makes sense as I may change my mind about what edits to make earlier on in the book as a result of what appears later.

Such is its current state of progress. I will be inputting the edits shortly.

So what is next?:

-We expect to have more content from the app development team between now and the next post.

-Display: More fixes regarding issues of display of older entries and changing to an updated website in order to tackle issues of website display.

-Search: Richer search capabilities including co-morbid searching. It is time to combine search abilities simultaneously.

I will be thrilled to share these updates with you as they proceed. Your thoughts and feedback are always welcome.

Goodnight, and until next time!



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