Interview Air Date & Book Update

Hi All!

Thomas here. How has life been for all of you?

Life for us here at ME.mory has been gearing up. We are looking forward to having a team meeting in the near future, and technical development is scheduled to resume next week.

My interview with Don Hutcheson of the “Discover Your Talent” podcast went truly well! It should be available for all to hear as of February 12th!

It has been a while since I have shared an update about the book of the story behind my post-injury life and inventing ME.mory, tentatively-tiled “I’m Sorry… That’s Awesome!”. Currently, I have been reviewing the edited manuscript. While keeping the feedback received from others in mind, I have been deciding on how and where to reduce the page count. I continue to look for how to make the language in this book more meaningful, the thoughts more concise, and also for the right amount of momentum such that there is an ideal combination of action and reflection across the chapters.

(Image courtesy of Geekadelphia)

A book should not be “a Rube Goldberg machine”, in that the pieces are intricate but the outcome is as simple as flipping a light switch. Instead, this book should leave readers with a lived-example of the combinations of organic and inorganic memories we all can or do use now, a sense which is built cumulatively across the chapters.

While this book is a memoir, if it will succeed by my standards then it will also be seen as a statement of the role which technology has been having in our lives. My vision for this book is one of it being initially quite personal, in that it’s mostly about my injury and recovery, but then readers should get to see more and more of themselves in how our use of technology in modern life has led to externalization of memory responsibilities in a way heretofore unimaginable.

As I tell people, we all have severe memory loss. It’s simply a matter of how severe. The time has been coming now, as we are all becoming increasingly comfortable with technology in service of our memory responsibilities.

What may be more surprising than having a digital memory, is that ME.mory users don’t stand out.

On that note, until next time!