Happy Birthday Humor

Good Afternoon All,

First things first, Happy Birthday to me! 🙂

It’s a bit funny that I tried to come back to my apartment earlier and this happened…

This happened after I had walked over to an appointment only to find out that the person I would meet could not make it and had emailed me while I was already out for our meeting.

For whatever reason, others can be upset or frustrated by these events. However, I am laughing and smiling easily about these events.


1) Well, it’ll only be a few hours until I am back in my spot as that’s when my partner will be back from work.

2) Being frustrated wouldn’t help me. Rather, a good attitude is helpful, relaxing.

3) It humors me that these events happened on my birthday.

4) I won’t even think about these events soon enough.

I usually, including today, keep in mind that we are far more in control of our reactions to life than to the events themselves.

So, please take a moment to gather yourself and consider your reactions, your agency in them. THAT can be your birthday gift to me, OK? 🙂


ME.mory-wise, please be on the lookout for improvements and changes soon.

Tomorrow I will be attending the PHL Innovation Picnic (https://phl-innovation-picnic.ticketleap.com), where I will speak with many others to learn from them and to share about the potential directions ME.mory may next proceed in.


OK, that’s it. Until next time, take care!