Fun and Sun in Puerto Rico

Hello Everyone,

Thomas here!

It’s great to feel refreshed from a vacation in Puerto Rico, yet I am still gaining my bearings. So, to mix things up I have decided to share with you all a mixture of photos from my trip.

Welcome to Puerto Rico!

I knew we would make it to the beach. It was one of many highlights for this trip as both the sand and the waves reminded me that Summer is not too far away. My first tastes of these temperatures and sights for this year were as refreshing as one could possibly request.

Recovery is an uneven process, not a single act.

While I do not know currently if this structure is intentionally weathered on one part in comparison with the other, such does speak to my sense of how Puerto Rico appears today. This is a land where new structures are next to those severely damaged from Hurricane Maria in 2017. One is reminded of the power of nature just as one admits the perseverance of the human spirit in the face of such destruction.

Welcome to my home.

One can expect to randomly find all manner of wildlife while at some historical sites. Our pal above is but one example.

Made for the shade.

Obviously a land where sunlight is plentiful, a premium is placed on getting out of it as needed. Creative and attractive attempts such as shown above made this trip feeling fresh. My eyes remained open as I was unsure just what I could get to see next.

OK. That’s all he wrote. Take care.

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