End of Summer! Start of Suspense?

Hello All,

Welcome to the last update of Summer 2018! Thomas here.

The end of summer can be a weird time, in that so many folks try to squeeze out the remainder of fun which they can from summer activities, and also in that the start of new activities are around the corner. In other words, there can be a lull of work activities (which for us means app development and updates). While such is reasonable, this all leads up to having “bated breath”.

I write so because we expect to move forward once others indicate how we can move forward, be they those interested in my life story from a narrative standpoint or those interested in ME.mory from a business standpoint or those combining some mixture of the two.


Some housekeeping: I noted in the last post that I would likely be interviewed for a podcast which I have yet to ever appear on. Such is still expected to occur, yet a life event had happened on the host’s end such that the interview is to be rescheduled. TBD.

Also, Nicodemus and I did submit all required for a funding application which could truly help ME.mory move on to another stage in its progression. We do not yet know where this will lead us, hence the “suspense”!


The next update here may not be until the middle of October. That’s because the entire first week of October is keeping me very busy.

Of particular interest and excitement is the No Barriers Summit NYC (https://www.nobarriersusa.org/2018-summit-home/). Expect many anecdotes, photos and perhaps even videos from that event. This group has interviewed me for their podcast, and such may be released between now and the next update or two.

Such means that the next update could be quite fun to see. Until then, so long!