Go Eagles! Another Media Appearance! Book Progress!

Good Day All!

Thomas here, with a variety of updates to share:

First, congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles, for their first Super Bowl victory. Here is a funny link I found online and shared via FB: https://sports.theonion.com/well-that-s-nice-say-calm-pleased-eagles-fans-after-1822713579

I joined the crowds of folks in center city celebrating the victory, and then left the crowds at the right time, before seeing any destruction of property or related mayhem. For the life of me, I do not see the connection between celebrating your team’s victory and smashing whatever structures happen to be around.

OK. Moving right along,

-Media appearances!: In the last post I had noted an interview of me by Don Hutcheson is scheduled to appear online on 2/12/18.

Well, I am scheduled for a different interview this afternoon for a new podcast to be hosted by the fine folks at No Barriers, the group which had awarded me the Reach Award last year in light of overcoming my disability via inventing ME.mory. Such will be for The No Barriers Podcast. Air date TBD.

-Book update!: I am now past the halfway point of reviewing the edited manuscript. The goal remains to reduce the page count, to better express sentiments, and to cut down on any sense of “And now this,”. Such is what I call the problem in a memoir of how easy it is to share events happening sequentially, yet without sufficient connecting between them.

One can easily write a memoir along the lines of “A –> B, B –> C, C –> D…”, but what is harder and more meaningful is “A –> B, B –> C (with echoes of A), C (while considering how B leads into D) –> D…”, and so forth. Steady progress will continue to improve this book. As always, stay tuned.

This one is a short post, admittedly. Be well and feel free to let me know how life has been for you. Cheers!