Digital Marketing in Healthcare Summit (and a range of other topics)

Good Afternoon Everyone:

Tom here. The post prior to this one, titled “After brain injury, using technology to recover memories (and all prior media yet to be noted)”, sufficed to bring readers up to speed with the prior media attention foisted upon myself and upon ME.mory too. This post will review what has happened over the past two weeks, and what is soon to be happening. There may well not be another post until the middle of June, for reasons soon to be made clear.

As always, a book update: Editing has been going strong, still at the rate of one hour per day. Two weeks ago I had reached page 45. With today’s hour, I am a sentence or two shy of reaching page 125. Not too shabby, my making it through a daily average of 5-6 pages. Many edits are being made, such that I keep in mind a quote attributed to multiple famous people in one form or another: “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”

There is enough material in the book as it stands that editing it down has been a goal of mine, and it has actually been fun to think of how to shorten some sentences or how the book is improving by removing other sentences. I will soon have it ready for others to review and comment. If you are interested then let me know and we can figure out how you may be involved too!

In other news, my talk (given with Nicodemus) and panel participation each went well yesterday, at the Digital Marketing in Healthcare Summit. It was a pleasure to be invited back for it, and to talk with a variety of people within the healthcare space given ME.mory’s obvious potential for enabling patients. Here is a photo of our team and someone we had chatted with during the event:

As noted at the start of this post, there may not be another post until the middle of June. That’s because I will soon be in Lake Tahoe, CA, participating in the No Barriers Summit and receiving the “Reach Award”. I am quite excited for my girlfriend and I to be involved in the multitude of activities offered (seeing how we are already confirmed for both “Archery” and “Falconry”), and to be inspired by others’ stories of living strongly within their own situations. It is both a welcome pleasure and an honor to be included in such a community.

My hope is to have truly exciting news related to ME.mory’s development, as items are being worked on behind the scenes even as I type this, to share with all of you in the next post here. Between now and then we do have a meeting scheduled with a potential medical institution as a partner, one which had been rescheduled. This meeting, if proceeding as planned, will occur just before the No Barriers Summit. That means I may feel a rush of adrenaline for many days. Wish us well and/or send us some chamomile tea instead of coffee. 🙂

Stay cool until next time, if the weather where you are (and the excitement in your life) permits!