Philadelphia’s Glut of Coworking Spaces

Hello Everyone:

It’s Thomas. Recent updates here have been formulaic, along the lines of “ME.mory-related, book-related, personal-related”. So, let’s mix it up with a post on Philly’s coworking spaces.

“MakeOffices” is a newer coworking space in downtown Philadelphia. I was there last night with others from the “Philly New Technology Meetup”, hearing Lucinda Duncalfe speak on her business experiences. She is President and CEO of “Monetate”, her also being involved in other companies.

As is usual, I enjoyed chatting with some of the newer faces within the crowd. I also recognized a larger number of people, our having been to multiple events at these coworking spaces.

I write “these” as the number of them has increased greatly in recent years. For a sense of the speed behind this boom, compare this article from 2015, this article from 2016, and this page from this year to see the increased prevalence of spots:

2015 –

2016 –

2017 –

The first article notes that in 2007: “Indy Hall in Old City was the only coworking space in Philadelphia.”

Such an increase may benefit us at ME.mory as we consider obtaining space in one of these locations. Competition should help to level the costs involved and increase the variety of options available, right? There is also the overwhelming sense that an innovation ecosystem has been growing within my native city. It leaves me curious as to what gaps in this ecosystem may still exist, and how they may be filled soon.

While we at ME.mory are not yet seeking office space, partly as our work can be done separately from one another at this point (and also because I have an ersatz office in a room of my apartment), we may well be in such a spot before this time next year. Expect to learn here when such happens, and if we may be able to welcome you to stop on by.

If you have any recommendations, feel free to get in touch.


Yours, and looking forward,