A Book? How About a Movie Instead?

Hello All,

Thomas typing here for your reading pleasure! How have you been?

In the last post I noted about the PHL Innovation Picnic, which happened on June 28th. A handful of folks met me and, as I like for people to do, wrote into my memory then. One person noted having heard about me and ME.mory at a talk (“on design for individuals who are cognitively diverse) which she gave a few months ago. I spoke in Korean with a few folks and played cornhole, a combination I have likely never made before.


Since then, very surprising and welcome news which explains the title of this post.

Full disclosure: Nothing has been confirmed yet. All is TBD.

I now have a meeting on the books with an author of over half a dozen books geared towards potential authors to help their works be published and a marketing strategist as relates to brand storytelling. The three of us will discuss the possibility of my selling the rights to my story such that it can be turned into a movie. Talk about an unexpected direction…

With all of the effort I put into writing my memoir, I would still like to see its release. Such a possibility would be discussed in the negotiations of what is or is not permissible in selling the rights to my story for the screen. We will tackle both topics in our talks.


What else is coming up?: A number of presentations may happen quite soon. I believe I will be presenting to the staff of a major brain injury rehabilitation clinic next week. They have a great reputation in this area, and it will be my pleasure to inform them of our developments and how ME.mory may help their staff and clients just as it has helped me and an increasing number of our users.

My topic will be “Using Modern Technology to Overcome Obstacles”. Given how such an approach is a major theme in my post-injury life, this talk should be a smash. Do let me know if you will be around Philadelphia on July 18th, and I will try to get you in.

That same evening may see us presenting to investors at a completely different event. Two talks in one day, at the same time! So we will need to split up who will be going where if that is to happen.

Other pots on the stove include our being in talks with a charity providing grants to aid those impacted by TBI, to provide support to organizations and groups intending to aid these individuals. As we do not currently have a nonprofit arm of our group, such may wait until that is so. I will not name them now given how early in the process such is.

There is likely more to note, but not for me. This is long enough. I am done.

Until next time!


P.S. Are you also caught up in World Cup fever? A dear Croatian friend is likely still levitating with excitement after their victory. I’m quite excited for them as I (and much of the world) look forward to watching the final match.


P.P.S. On a personal note, I finished reading the memoir “Brother One Cell” (by Cullen Thomas) just before the event. The book focused on his experiences in jails in South Korea after he had been smuggling drugs into the country. I share so here as I am looking for my next book and also to ask what you are reading lately. Feel free to email me (thomas@yourdigitalmemory.com) with your suggestions.