Farewell, ME.mory’s Blog! & Welcome to ME.mory on Medium!

May 15, 2019    Thomas Dixon

Hello All, We at ME.mory have decided to switch to posting blog updates to Medium. This means that new entries will be available at this site: https://medium.com/@ME.mory Older entries here are being ported over currently. […]

Entrepreneur Expo! Memoir Updates! How Do Accessibility & Literacy Overlap?

May 1, 2019    Thomas Dixon

Hi All! Thomas typing to you here. How have you been? It’s the Wednesday of every other week, and that means a new post in the ME.mory blog. In one week I will be representing […]

Everything – Blog changes, grant, workshop, expo

April 19, 2019    Thomas Dixon

Thomas here. Welcome to the weekend! Let’s get right into it. ME.mory: We did have a small team meeting yesterday. One task for me will be to port over entries here to Medium, including the […]

Spring Is Starting to Sizzle

April 3, 2019    Thomas Dixon

Happy Wednesday Everyone, Thomas here! Glad to connect with all y’all on this sunny day here in Philly. Spring is shaping up to be a busy season for us, our likely showing up to a […]

Fun and Sun in Puerto Rico

March 20, 2019    Thomas Dixon

Hello Everyone, Thomas here! It’s great to feel refreshed from a vacation in Puerto Rico, yet I am still gaining my bearings. So, to mix things up I have decided to share with you all […]

Tangible Targets

March 6, 2019    Thomas Dixon

Hello World! Thomas typing to you here, with an update on specific targets we have in mind now for ME.mory. Let’s get right into it. Throughout February our team has focused on rebuilding the application […]

Our Secure Security

February 21, 2019    Thomas Dixon

Hello Folks, Thomas typing to you here. How goes it? The main topic for this post is on enhancing ME.mory’s security, which has become a focus of our attention lately. We have switched from AES128 […]

It’s 2019! – What’s Next?

February 6, 2019    Thomas Dixon

Hello Everyone! Thomas typing to you here. How have you been? We have handled a few site issues and so I am now able to write here the first post of 2019. Woohoo! 🙂 At […]