Philly Who? – “Thomas Dixon: The Man with External Memory”

August 8, 2018    Thomas Dixon

Hello Everybody! Thomas here! It’s great to be with you for a fresh post. How’ve you been? Since our last post, Kevin Chemidlin of “Philly Who?” has posted this interview he had with me one […]

(Phillies!) Wow, that was one long game…

July 25, 2018    Thomas Dixon

Hello Everyone, Thomas here. Nicodemus and I (and my loving partner) had quite a long night last night which we decided to cut short as it was far, far too long. “It” being the Phillies […]

A Book? How About a Movie Instead?

July 12, 2018    Thomas Dixon

Hello All, Thomas typing here for your reading pleasure! How have you been? In the last post I noted about the PHL Innovation Picnic, which happened on June 28th. A handful of folks met me […]

Happy Birthday Humor

June 27, 2018    Thomas Dixon

Good Afternoon All, First things first, Happy Birthday to me! 🙂 It’s a bit funny that I tried to come back to my apartment earlier and this happened… This happened after I had walked over […]

Unconventional Approaches, Meaningful Information

June 13, 2018    Thomas Dixon

Hi All, Thomas here. How’ve you been? Today’s post will focus on unconventional approaches to conveying meaningful information. Summer Startup Studio has attacked the issue of business and product development from different angles as established […]

The Calm Before Further Developments…?

May 30, 2018    Thomas Dixon

Hello Everyone, Thomas here! Welcome to today’s post. I hope all has been good for you lately. As I wrote about this in the previous entry – The publisher search for my memoir continues! Another […]

Major Changes and Other Updates (incl. South Korea photos!)

May 16, 2018    Thomas Dixon

Welcome Everyone! Thomas here. Wow. May is halfway-over, and this is my first post of the month. Such is for good reason though, as I had noted in the last entry that I would be […]

Professional ($10,000!) & Personal (South Korea!) Victories

April 20, 2018    Thomas Dixon

Good Afternoon All! Thomas here. I am so excited to share with you the latest news. Professionally – Yesterday, we pitched ME.mory at the “Be Your Own Boss Bowl” (BYOBB) held at Temple University: We […]