Back from Bangkok (pics!)

Good Evening Everyone,

Thomas here. I had hoped to update earlier today but just had to sleep a little. Jet lag certainly has taken its toll on me.

I am back from spending NYE 2018 in Thailand (The Land of Smiles)!

My sense of these trips include the importance of “not existing” – of being away from oneself and challenging oneself as an identity. These trips are a break from my life in the USA as well as a break from my identity, the assumptions I make about myself, and how I have to be.

A fun bonus of this trip had been the stops made in Amsterdam each way. It was so great to reconnect with my favorite NYE trip (given how I had been there half a decade before). Nostalgic, even.

Here are a few of the many photos from my time there. What a pleasure to be away from Winter.

Exciting news regarding ME.mory’s press attention: My being interviewed by Don Hutcheson of the “Discover Your Talent” podcast should take place next Wednesday. His interview will explore the backstory to ME.mory, along with current thoughts and experiences on its progress. Link to follow in a subsequent post.

ME.mory app updates: We have been at a time of partnering and building relationships to foster ME.mory’s rapid development. Next month is likely to be focused on development instead. For now, we are applying to sources of funding and otherwise considering our next steps.

That’s it! Except for a postscript about the new Star Wars film. Enjoy! 🙂

P.S. The new Star Wars, caught that while in Bangkok. A number of people have expressed being unsatisfied by it, and even I had a sense of “that’s it?” when the credits rolled. However, it’s important to note that “middles are hard”. Beginnings are easy, endings are easy, but how to get from one to another is not. We need to see how this one ages.

If you saw it too, and were less than satisfied, then read this:

That is a review of “The Empire Strikes Back”, the Star Wars film which many, myself included, have since considered to be the best of the original trilogy. However, this reviewer noted at that time: “The Force is with us, indeed, and a lot of it is hot air.”

So, let’s see how this film fits into the fabric of Star Wars as time passes.

I bring that point up, aside from wanting to geek out about Star Wars, because I feel that ME.mory has entered its own middle. We’re in a harder spot in that we certainly have existed now, we don’t yet have ME.mory to be the product we envision it can become, and we are not sure how best to get from that Point A to that Point B.

Maybe I will look back at this time and see just how valuable it turned out to be, after all.

Stay tuned.