All Eyes on ME.mory – Assistive Technology Class! Philadelphia Magazine!

Good Evening Everyone,

Thomas here. Glad to bring you all up to speed on what’s been happening lately regarding ME.mory and our efforts.

On November 10th, a classroom of assistive technology students and I at Temple University, my alma mater, spoke at length about ME.mory, my sharing with them its history and applications. It was a pleasure to field their questions, and to suggest that they listen closely to their potential patients/clients given how crafty they may be for devising pragmatic solutions to their own issues.

Also, my girlfriend (Lindsey), Nicodemus and I were pictured here in Philadelphia Magazine in their “The Party Never Stops” section, given our attendance at the Philly Geek Awards. Nice!




-Work on the newest version of ME.mory continues. Release date still TBD. Exciting features still to be shared here. We’re holding the cards close to our chests just now. As the year comes to an end, we are considering our timeline for 2018.



My book, tentatively-titled “I’m Sorry… That’s Awesome!” is being shopped around to publishers now. The process is such that one can work with literary agents, submitting whatever documentation (including supplemental materials, such as a book proposal) is required, in the form request by that specific literary agent. Each one seems to request something a little different from another, but given how slightly-different the requests are, submitting for consideration is moving along quickly.

Although the book’s length had been reduced, a number of supplemental materials (including notes from earlier rehabilitation days, and photographs of family members) had led into critical sections having more material of interest. Pre-injury life was also noted about in greater detail. As such, various items were removed or inserted. I am quite glad for how it looks, feeling it is “done” until I get further feedback.


OK. Feel free to reach out with your thoughts or questions. Happy Thanksgiving!