What’s Happening?

What’s Happening?

Hey everyone,

This is the first time we are utilizing the ME.mory blog to write a proper update to keep those who depend on the application informed as well as allow new users to know what is currently going on behind the scenes with the development of ME.mory. Some of you may have noticed that you are currently unable to register or even create an account on the live application in the app store while others may find themselves unable to access past memories.

The server ME.mory was being tested on is no longer active and has been transitioned to a new one. Though these changes are only current on the test version of the application which we use to prepare new features and fixes before officially making it available to the public. We are currently working with our previous providers to ensure a proper transition over to avoid any loss of data because we strive to keep much of the application and its sensitive information as secure and safe as possible. Worry not, your memories are safe.

Though, while that is one reason why we have yet to get a fix released immediately, the second reason is due to our development team re-programming the entire application from scratch. Up until now, the application had not officially been out of its testing phases. Through the development to this point, we have learned of many new methods and tricks to providing a more user-friendly, reliable, and fast application. We did not want to just fix a connectivity issue and release that to get you all back to using the application. We want to release the next phase of ME.mory’s development.

This next phase is not necessarily hinting or promising new features or everything the previous version had available. In order to get the application back in your hands as we are aware some of you have found varying ways to use ME.mory to the best of its ability in ways we never thought about; we are working around the clock to get the most basic version of the application released. Shout out to Matthew Auld for heading the development of the transition to the new platform. This version will immediately have updates to follow each day until the new platform is exactly as its predecessor was in regards to its features. Though this version will be far more flexible, fast, secure, and user-friendly than it previously was. Not to mention the best part will be both Android and iPhone users will finally have access to utilize the very same application. We hope to have the first version of ME.mory 2.0 in your hands no later than next week.

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Forgetting should never be an option and ME.mory will be the application that helps you remember everything down to the smallest detail. Keep in mind though, it’s only as good as you make it!


Thank you for your continued support!