Pots on the Stove

Hi Everyone!

Thomas here, with an entry for your eyes only (meaning, the eyes of those looking at this post now).

First, a ME.mory compatibility note: We are fixing compatibility issues, such that users with newer devices should not have to be concerned when we enter the next beta testing phase. Exactly when that will be is still to be decided, as we are currently assessing just how much work will be involved for it.

Moving along – Soon after our last post, I did speak for almost an hour with the folks potentially involved in releasing my memoir and on selling the potential movie rights to my story. We left off with the possibility of my receiving an award which would cover the costs of further editing, revising and publishing. Woohoo! An application for that award is yet to go live, and so when it does we will likely proceed on that end.

A separate funding note, Nicodemus and I have been working extensively to complete another application as relates to funding for further development of ME.mory. And, there is continuing discussion of internal business issues. Not exciting but likely necessary.

Logistics are being worked out as relates to my participation in the No Barriers Summit NYC, to be held on October 5th-6th: https://www.nobarriersusa.org/2018-summit-home/. It will certainly be an exciting experience, as I look forward to reconnecting with many members of the No Barriers team while also meeting some new folks.

A different recent development would be quite shocking if it actually proceeds. I cannot share about it yet as such would be premature, seeing how I do not know what is shaking out. Stay tuned.

Much of this entry makes sense when considering the title for this post: “Pots on the Stove”

I do not yet know when a number of these pots may boil over and cause a rush of activity for us. A feeling exists of multiple pieces which have moved within, yet will then remain still but may suddenly move once again. Perhaps there may be even more such items between now and the next entry. Perhaps I will be at liberty to discuss them more openly. TBD!


OK. That brings us up to speed. Between now and the next post I will be reconnecting with a dear friend as she will be visiting the USA after quite some time. I hope to share some details here in a subsequent entry.

Until next time!