(Phillies!) Wow, that was one long game…

Hello Everyone,

Thomas here. Nicodemus and I (and my loving partner) had quite a long night last night which we decided to cut short as it was far, far too long. “It” being the Phillies baseball game, which went into sixteen innings.

Sixteen innings, that’s basically two baseball games in one. We were out of there around the start of the 13th inning.

As stated in this article, “HOLY CRAP!”:¬†https://www.thegoodphight.com/2018/7/25/17611572/phillies-beat-dodgers-16-innings-amazing-plouffe-magical-woo-yay


Moving on, since the last update I did present on the applications of modern technology (including ME.mory) in order to address personal obstacles, to clients and staff of “ReMed Recovery Care” in Paoli, PA. I appreciated their warm welcome and questions, hoping that a number of strategies I have devised and applied for myself will be of help to them.

Rather than my caring about if my specific strategies or approaches may be used by these people, it helps me to think that attendees can be inspired to think creatively to address their difficult life situations or the difficulties of those they know.


Also since the last update, we are likely to meet soon with a potential investor as a result of our presence at a recent business event. Always an exciting prospect!

With that, I leave you. Take care and feel free to let me know how ME.mory has been helping you.