No Barriers Summit (Dunning-Kruger Effect Corollary Though?)

Good Afternoon All:

Six days ago I was informed that I would be receiving the “Reach Award” at the “No Barriers Summit” to be held at the Resort at Squaw Creek in North Tahoe, California, June 1-4.

This award is meant to, as taken from their website: “The Reach Award, presented by the Reach Foundation, acknowledges individuals who have broken through personal barriers in order to elevate their family, their community and the world. These people exemplify the No Barriers Life element ‘Reach,’ the arduous process of pushing through uncertainty towards immense possibilities.”

To provide just a sense of what the No Barriers Summit entails, here is the page which notes just what the 2016 event had happen:

While I had met and spoke with Ed (or “Erik”, as he seems to go by both) Weihenmayer as a result of coming to hear him speak at the Free Library of Philadelphia on February 7th, I never could have expected this outcome. After his talk I introduced myself to him, sharing about ME.mory and the circumstances which led to its creation. He suggested that I email him, and then he passed my message along to others in his group, CCing me in a flattering message about how I have continued to realize success through innovation.

I thought all was left there. I was wrong, as now they will be flying me and my partner out to their event in California to receive this award. I am quite flattered, and given how “young” and/or “inexperienced” I still feel, I am so surprised to have inspired them and others along the way.

Am I accurate? Am I just being modest? Is this just the sense that we treat ourselves as average unless we know for sure that we are not? I have not read into the literature nor the responses to The Dunning-Kruger Effect, so I will not write more on it until I have a better understanding for it.

Uh oh, did I just show an example of it? 🙂

This summit is bound to be an incredible experience. During the time we are there we will very likely be whitewater rafting, paddling Lake Tahoe, and practicing archery (along with other meaningful experiences to be had with the other members of the summit).

This recognition is yet another reminder of what I want to share with you: Do not choose to suffer. Do what you can for yourself and then for others. When doing so, you will not know what effect you are going to have on yourself and on those around you. I am still figuring that out myself.

Book Update:The draft now has >325 pages of material in it, of which I’m sure a large portion will be edited out. By tomorrow I may have reached the point of entering all text I wished to for the totality of the first rough draft. The next step will be to heavily edit this work, bringing down the total number of pages and removing all of the bits which may be redundant, uninteresting, or needless. This is about as messy as the book is going to ever be, by my next post I expect it to be far cleaner.

That’s All, Folks! Cheers!