Hello & What May Come

Hello Everyone:

Thomas here. Welcome to my beginning to post regularly on ME.mory’s blog.

As I have noted at this link, for what may likely be my last post on ESL101, I have since decided to begin blogging here instead: https://www.esl101.com/blogs/farewell-role-subjunctive

It is fortunate that life changes. ME.mory has taken on an increasing amount of my focus overall, and I am thrilled by that. While I doubt that I am suddenly changing my interests, I feel instead that my interests have finally been catching up to me. That is, that I have wanted ME.mory to grow bigger, and signs point to such happening now.

I will likely continue to write my book, which is pretty much about my injury, the story of my recovery, and the use of artificial memory by all of us nowadays. While shopping it around to see where it may be published, I will provide periodic updates on its progress.

You are able to subscribe via our website to receive updates on ME.mory, and the following FB pages will also feature updates.

If it’s about me or is an item written by me on topics generally: https://www.facebook.com/thomasanthonydixonjr

If it’s focused on ME.mory: https://www.facebook.com/yourdigitalmemory/

All of this to write: Thank you for your interest in ME.mory. If you want to email me, you may do so at thomas@yourdigitalmemory.com. With that, until I hear from you, or you hear from me again. Later!