Get Your Geek On! (and Thomas in a Tuxedo)

Good Afternoon Folks!


Trusted Thomas here. I mean, at least some people think “trusted”…


Moving right along!


Fresh topic: The Philadelphia Geek Awards are this Saturday! Will I get to see you there?






This is sure to be one swanky and dapper affair. It will be quite exciting, as based on the video playing on their home screen just now.


Tickets are still available for $40 at this link:


ME.mory is up for “Dev Project of the Year”, and here is information on that nomination:


Of course, it will be a pleasure to attend. It would also be a pleasure to win! 😉



Book has now reached page 146 in reviewing the PDF of Part One. I will quite likely be reviewing in Part Two when next updating here.


What’s next?:

We are looking forward to increasing the speed at which ME.mory functions and also the ability to search through entries by date. Both of these had existed as desired in an earlier version of ME.mory, and so it is only a matter of time for their return.


There may well be more to be sharing about, but for now I will stop here. Edits will be made if it seems like there truly is something else to note.