Fun & Serious

Fun & Serious

Hi All:

Thomas here. It’s good to be back in Philly! Life has been surprising for me personally and also for us here at Team ME.mory. Sometimes it’s “fun” while at other times it’s “serious”, hence the title for this post. For a change we thought it worthwhile to share a variety of items since the last post (roughly one month ago) that alternate across these two themes. So, here it goes!:

Fun: The “No Barriers Summit” was an amazing experience. Along with archery, I was able to have this owl (along with others and other types of birds including falcons) sit on my arm. I even show here the world’s first ski-up Starbucks. While I was there to receive the “Reach Award”, I was not alone in doing so. I met and spoke with the other recipients, including Heidi McKenzie, whose company (“Alter UR Ego”) focuses on clothing both functional and fashionable for people in wheelchairs.


Serious: I have now been inputting all of the edits made to my book’s draft. Perhaps by the next post that step will be done, certainly by the following post if not the next one. My next step will likely be to decide which order the sections should go in, and which sections should be cut out entirely. This month may be one of significant transformation for this book.

Fun (personally): “Spider-Man Burlesque”, which I caught only recently, simply stole the show. I love the humor and risqué nature of burlesque, and this performance was no exception. I have also been a fan of Spider-Man since I was a child, he’s likely my favorite superhero. The “Venom” routine appears to have won some type of an award, and it had earned it (in my humble opinion).


Serious: Our team’s meeting once again with a major medical institution went very well, such that ME.mory is quite likely to proceed further in the near future if we are indeed acquiring their support.

OK. With that I’ll call an end to this post. Feel free to let me know how life has been for you. Cheers!