Four Years Ago Today – Where Do We Go Now?

Hi All,

Thomas here. How’re you today?

Time is often a topic of conversations for me. Four years ago today, ME.mory (then called “MEmory”, without the period) was noted by name for the first time within the app.

As a curious exercise, I thought to provide some perspective via documenting below very few of some of the major steps in ME.mory’s progress across these four years. Let’s give this a go!

10/17/14 –> 10/16/15 – I proposed to a class of Computer and Information Science students my idea for “MEmory”. A team was formed and the groundwork was laid down. This year ended with developments such as ME.mory having its own media page and business cards.

10/17/15 –> 10/16/16 – We celebrated five years post-injury with a “Because I Lived”-party, an image of the folks attending shown below. A major demo day for ME.mory had been on 2/16/16, when we posted a video clip of a version of ME.mory I recognize as similar in appearance to current ME.mory.

10/17/16 –> 10/16/17 – I worked extensively on my memoir throughout this time. We are winning awards. Tomás Ryan’s TEDMED talk, with his mentioning me and ME.mory on the TED stage had appeared online towards the end of this time:

10/17/17 –> 10/16/18 – I reached a satisfactory state in my memoir in that I had edited it twice, and have now shared it with some others for feedback. I decided to sit on it, waiting for the right time for its release as ME.mory should be at a state where as many people wanting it are able to have it. Present-day interviews share just how we wish to move forward.


So, where do we go from here?

The past few months our team has been taking a completely different direction with the design and user experience of ME.mory as we prepare to officially launch the app with a subscription plan.

Our goal has and will always be to create a tool that is usable for anyone. An app for those who identify as tech-savvy and for those never having once used an application in their life.

One approach for this is consistency. We want users to be accustomed to visual representations of the various features, in hopes over time that using ME.mory becomes as simple as recognizing an icon and knowing immediately what it relates to or where it leads to within the application.

An application both simple and powerful, just as remembering should be.

Thanks for reading. Until next time!