Finding Your Niche

Good Afternoon All,

Thomas here, and it’s my pleasure to appear on your screens just now. Hey!

The fresh part of this post will be on “finding the niche of your app”.

We at ME.mory may only benefit if users share more about why they choose to use ME.mory in lieu of other apps. Most likely, such is because a niche is filled which other apps/services do not fill. One example is how LinkedIn is positioned for professionals and business networking, hiring of others perhaps, and job identity. Facebook is not. As Facebook has a casual feel to it, which LinkedIn lacks for me, it is instead seen as being for general socializing, not work-specific.

In that example, I chose “business <–> personal” as one metric, and differentiated Facebook from LinkedIn as a result. If having to present where one’s app fits into the current marketplace, having to make such comparisons is done to justify the value of one’s app, for the specific role it serves.

While I will not share the outcome here, I have gone ahead and compared ME.mory with a variety of services and apps to see how it fits into the current marketplace for “speed”, “[one’s own] info shown to user”, “usability”, and “privacy”. While other metrics could have been chosen (and you are welcome to share just what those metrics should be!), we have focused on these just now in order to position ME.mory relative to apps potentially used for similar purposes.

As we continue to speak with investors, these comparisons stand to be refined and extended.


Moving on, a bevy of updates for you:

-I have seen the newest version of ME.mory, and it is good! I am eager for it to be in your hands! It does continue to be worked on. Date TBD.

-Major book progress! I believe that I have currently edited all that I wish to from what exists today. Now at 278 pages, it certainly could be shorter. However, the next step is to review the variety of documentation I have been provided by my family from the beginning days of my injury and recovery periods. The book truly would benefit by including more material from my pre-injury life and the circumstances around my injury. Between now and the next post, I expect such to be included in fuller detail.

-Once more, I should be speaking to a class of Assistive Technology students at Temple University. It’s a pleasure to be invited back by a professor, praised by said professor for the last go-round and being told of how much the students enjoyed hearing my personal story and the use of technology as memory. Such should happen between now and the next post, so expect feedback by then.

-Boxing and Spanish, both are proceeding nicely! I have been improving for the speed bag my overall coordination, and Megan (my instructor) continues to push me physically harder than I would be pushing myself. It has felt rewarding to push that personal goalpost beyond what I typically may think is “beyond comfortably-tired”, throwing four-to-five punch combinations while keeping track of footwork, blocking, and weight distribution. Phew. For Spanish, practicing via Drops has introduced (“introduzco”) me to this variety of terms (among others): “cerdo” (pig), “maleta” (suitcase), “Me alimento” (I feed), “col” (cabbage) and “calcetines” (socks).

For the life of me, I cannot understand why Spanish classes and/or language apps want us to learn “discoteca” (disco)… Drops is no different!

As today marks “November”, it is now the case that next month my girlfriend and I will be in Thailand for NYE2018! Perhaps it could be fun to include here aspects of Thailand or Thai life that I may expect to see or embrace during our trip.

Stay tuned. Until next time, bye!