Discussing Diversity – Shades of Success Podcast Episode

Hi All,

Thomas here. Let’s get right into it.

What does “diversity” mean?

This topic was one focus of the 3rd Annual Diversity Dinner, held by Philly Startup Leaders (and sponsored by Penji – https://penji.co/).

A result of attending the event was my being interviewed by Sekinah Brodie of the “Shades of Success” podcast (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/shades-of-success/id1435717400?mt=2).

Released yesterday, their latest episode titled “What Diversity Means to Philadelphia | PSL 3rd Annual Diversity Dinner” focused on just this topic. I spoke starting at 9:26, and noted the following when I was asked how to build a diverse team:

“Sure. Well, there is an extent of having to reach out to those […], people tend to hang out in similar areas, so if you’re getting the same sorts of people, same groups, and you’re already reaching out to them, maybe you need to start advertising and promoting in different venues, with different messages. Yeah, and that’s one example of how you can try to reach across.”

I was one of many persons asked multiple questions by her, and Sekinah shares her own sense of what diversity means in this episode. I would like you to give it a listen and to see this site on it for a fuller explanation than what I have given justice to here: https://penji.co/psl-diversity-dinner/


In development news, Nick notes that the current focus remains on internal testing and on compatibility issues, converting of features from prior versions of ME.mory to the new platform using VUEjs. When I asked for a link to help describe this for you all, he provided the following: https://medium.com/tag/vuejs

So it seems that I have some reading to do if I wish to familiarize myself with it.


Lastly, I have been interviewed by a reporter after he had heard my story on the No Barriers Podcast. No word yet on when his piece will be released, but such is likely to be soon.


Until next time!