Discover Your Talent Interview, No Barriers Swag! :)

Hello Folks!

Welcome back to ME.mory’s blog, 2/21/18 edition!

Thomas here, with a variety of updates to share:

-The interview of me by Don Hutcheson is now available. Hear here!:

-The fun folks at No Barriers and I had a great chat for their No Barriers Podcast. While we do not yet have an air date for this interview, I do think it could be before my next regularly-scheduled post here.

For now, here is a picture of the mug they sent me (w/o letting me know to expect such):

-Book update! Fewer than one-hundred pages of reviewing the edited manuscript remain. By the next post here I should be finished with reviewing the manuscript for edits to make in this second round of editing, and will be busy actually making those edits. If all goes well, then I should have a manuscript I am willing to send along to publishers by the end of March. Stay tuned.


And that’s all he wrote! Between now and the next update I will likely have seen Black Panther, and I will gladly share some thoughts on that, just to mix up what’s posted here. Cheers!