Major Changes and Other Updates (incl. South Korea photos!)

May 16, 2018    Thomas Dixon

Welcome Everyone! Thomas here. Wow. May is halfway-over, and this is my first post of the month. Such is for good reason though, as I had noted in the last entry that I would be […]

Professional ($10,000!) & Personal (South Korea!) Victories

April 20, 2018    Thomas Dixon

Good Afternoon All! Thomas here. I am so excited to share with you the latest news. Professionally – Yesterday, we pitched ME.mory at the “Be Your Own Boss Bowl” (BYOBB) held at Temple University: We […]

We made it in to the Angel Venture Fair!

April 4, 2018    Thomas Dixon

Good Afternoon Everyone! Thomas here. So much has happened since the last update one month ago that I should just get right into it. The best news is that we were one of the teams […]

ME.mory v. Evernote – FIGHT! MORTAL KOMBAT!!

March 7, 2018    Thomas Dixon

Hi Friends! Tom here. I hope you enjoyed the title for this post. A question I hear often: “How is ME.mory different from Evernote?” I just answered that question again today, and so I thought […]

Discover Your Talent Interview, No Barriers Swag! 🙂

February 21, 2018    Thomas Dixon

Hello Folks! Welcome back to ME.mory’s blog, 2/21/18 edition! Thomas here, with a variety of updates to share: -The interview of me by Don Hutcheson is now available. Hear here!: -The fun folks at […]

Go Eagles! Another Media Appearance! Book Progress!

February 7, 2018    Thomas Dixon

Good Day All! Thomas here, with a variety of updates to share: First, congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles, for their first Super Bowl victory. Here is a funny link I found online and shared via […]

Interview Air Date & Book Update

January 24, 2018    Thomas Dixon

Hi All! Thomas here. How has life been for all of you? Life for us here at ME.mory has been gearing up. We are looking forward to having a team meeting in the near future, […]

Back from Bangkok (pics!)

January 10, 2018    Thomas Dixon

Good Evening Everyone, Thomas here. I had hoped to update earlier today but just had to sleep a little. Jet lag certainly has taken its toll on me. I am back from spending NYE 2018 […]