Blockchain, What’s That? Is It More Than a Buzzword?

Good Evening Everyone,

Thomas typing here for you. How is everybody?

This post is a little late as there has been too much happening within my own life lately. A major development is that I will most likely begin a teaching position as of next week! It is shaping up to be that I will teach science to students in the 5th and 6th grades. If so, that is pretty cool. 🙂

Given how soon that is, every single day has seen me attempting to handle one requirement or another as I will likely begin teaching on Monday. (Wow. That is truly soon.)

What about the topic of this post though? Well, I decided to read and share thoughts on “Blockchain”, and perhaps if such may relate to ME.mory.

I clicked on this link ( and then started to poke around. This page has been available since 2016, so its contents are not “brand new”, but still this topic is one that many people (including myself) are uninformed about.


From an outsider’s perspective, one idea does stick out to me from that link.

It appears that the information within a blockchain exists in multiple locations simultaneously. Such speaks to redundancy. Information cannot be hacked when it has been replicated across many systems because the alteration would be caught and corrected. In other words, if a value is “4” across multiple systems but someone attempts to change it to “5” in one location, then the entire collection could edit out that error.

So, hacking in one spot could happen at one time and could be successful, but is anyone able to hack at all spots at the same time and be successful across all of them? I think not. The distribution of information and shared consensus of all of the data allow for confidence in the results obtained.

Alright. How does this relate to ME.mory? We are currently examining blockchain strategies for ME.mory, if such can be used effectively or if it may be necessary.

Consider how currently if you want to pay someone in anything other than cash then you will involve a third party to confirm that you do have the funds involved, interacting with a third party on a separate end to receive those funds.

Hmm, this video is worth a watch: She describes and discusses Blockchain at increasing levels of complexity (to a child, to a teenager, to a college student, a grad student and an expert). It’s a topic I know so little about, and would rather not get caught up in hype but would want to understand more.

Blockchain may make it possible that payments could be made without the third party/parties being involved, as the data is verified independently across distributed systems. Previous data cannot be edited, but can be added to.

If you are knowledgeable on this topic and want to get in touch, feel free to reach me here:


Moving along, ME.mory’s rebuild continues. The purpose of the rebuild is to better prepare ME.mory for the current and future devices which are coming out now and/or soon. Such is not so exciting, but it is necessary.

This work on backend items and compatibility means that users do not get to see just what is going on, as the magician moves her hands over the hat. If managed well though, the rabbit does get pulled out of the hat (which in this analogy equates to the user seeing what they want to see, without knowing just how it was done).


Final Notes?: I will likely be interviewed for a podcast at the end of next week, and may be able to share the episode soon after. Stay tuned.