Another Meeting This Week!

Another Meeting This Week!

Hello Folks!

Thomas here, on your screens just now, with a new set of updates:

-ME.mory: We will be having our second meeting with a huge potential partner for ME.mory, returning to their headquarters in order to do so this Friday. It’s both exciting and nervous for us, given their enthusiasm for what we are doing with ME.mory. It appears that ten or more people from their side may be at this meeting, and so Nicodemus and I plan to arrive prepared. Will we have very exciting news to share? Stay tuned. For now, I thought it could be “neat” to show you all a worldwide map of where ME.mories have been saved. It is astonishing to think that what once was an idea is now available internationally.

-Book: I had worked many more hours than is typical on my book, which is about my post-injury life and the inventing of ME.mory, instead of my usual hour/day. So, I will be taking a break for now to give myself the distance to reflect and recharge. After regrouping, I will continue to see what I need to do so that I may approach publishers. I already do have in mind which to try first, and any recommendations are welcome here.

-Personally: “Drops” for Spanish practice is proceeding nicely, such that I have been covering topics of “emotions”, “colors”, “pronouns”, “navigation” and others. Boxing continues to move along too, which excites me quite a bit. Although, I must admit concern as today’s class was a de facto private lesson, as I was the only attendee. If not enough students take this class, then it will not be offered again, so I am glad to have scooped it up this time.I had asked the instructor, Megan, how I had started with no boxing experience such that I would be a “one out of ten”, what should would rate me now. Her response?: Five out of ten. That is beyond fantastic, seeing how I have only been taking these classes twice a week for one month now. Thank you, ME.mory, for letting me find out quickly just how long it has been, via my searching for “boxing”.

Alright, that’s it. Enjoy yourselves until next time! Bye!